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There' is generally an umbilical hernia. Circumscribed fatty swellings

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upon the use of anaesthetics and forceps, about a year or so since,

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and what there is consists of a few small lumps scattered about in the fluid.

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should not sit at such times a moment longer than necessary.

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in another passage of Pausanias (ii. 13), where he tells

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are obstacles which will bar the advent of a golden age. such as

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reduce an old dislocation, or to restore a hernia of long stand-

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able secondary effects. — Apotli. Ztg., 1888 ; Amer.Journ.

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chusetts General Hospital. Of these 167 2 represent the simple and typical

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Once the diagnosis of infant botulism is made, treatment is

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trolled by hydrocyanic acid with or without small doses of digitalis,

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ipecacuanha or squills (F. 348) should be prescribed ; or, if there

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may be classified according to the menstrua used in the extraction

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to make a routine practice of adequately disinfecting

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clearly that our efforts to lessen infant mortality

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resembling buttermilk, were discharged. Microscopic examination