nary culture media, in three cases of suppurative inflammation ; and Bacil-

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main trunks, the so-called arteriolae rectsB (vasa recta, Donders), which, thirdly, and

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merest presumption appear for a moment to be an actual fact.

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seen in some cases of tabes, is rupture of the tendo Achillis.

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secured by quickly making as deep an inspiration as possible through

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persons to have sometimes accomplished a cure,^ even when

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*'It seems possible that the differential chromosomes may perform

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on tins, and bake in a quick oven. Remove the centre, and

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forms of this anomaly, and then reported a peculiar case he had

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the Medical Profession, we also put up Beet Peptonoids in 16 oz. tins, which will be sent to any address, post-

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over two hundred observations, which tended to show the existence

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investigations being made by this department are; the ef-

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The head should be washed with a profusion of soap, and th«

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timing of a scheduled dose coincides with the end of hemodialysis

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2 It i.s the theory of Strieker and his puiiils tliat all living cells are liable,

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be surprised to see what a difference it will make to in-

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pregnancy and cases of ruptured tube in pyo-salpingitis.

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in the marshes between the Thames and Medway. The aguish attacks were decided, and

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both nature and mind, and doth make men merry like unto

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The upper 30 cm. of the large intestine, and the lower

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curved spine he says extension is necessary. The question,

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Hadden's patients the fundus was light coloured ; in one of these there

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and machinery ; production, management, and sale of the

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the history of a sudden hemorrhage as the first symp-

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horse ships and disease are inseparable. From the gang-

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ments, as in neuralgia or the lightning pains of loco-

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the adhesion having all the appearance of being of very long

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Dr. Howe's Case of Tracheotomy is noticed in the Revue Medicale for 1829.

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Now let us see in what quantities the various secretions are pro*

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blood is fo furcharged that it cannot rife to a per»

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c = 1.313°, and sinters and gradually melts above 125°, forming a

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tue of its increased tension, elevate the pitch. Now, re-

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Resort, Indian Wells. Sat. Contact: Sylvie Tarro, (310) 641-8152.

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Link, of Indianapolis, relates an experience (Medical Record,

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