region of the direct cerebellar and antero-lateral tracts in the
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latter retarded but not rendered abortive. Or the vaccination may develop
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activity, and through it and the conduction system, the ventricles as well. I>igitalis medication has
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out of stock breeding. But it is recognized, for it cannot
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The leave of abeence on sorgeon^s certificate of disability heretofore
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greatly debilitated, the system devitalized and the blood
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Jealousy and Ambition, vs. the Demands for Higher Standards.
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of the celestial vengeance. The natives, we are told, per-
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during a winter at the South, the affection being noikprogres-
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tion of the aukle-joint, Moore, E. M., 339; recent and neglected
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were invalided as unserviceable on the station : they were
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first cases operated were costatectomies in all of which the process
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to relieve the suffering part. The pressure deprives the part of its
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age are treated, immunization was commenced in February, 1900. Before
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the relief of a large prostate, Mr. Harrison found it
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foot, ankle and lower part of the leg produces a perfect
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It is a pleasant and permanent remedy, and is put up in 12 oz. square blue bottles
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clumping was never noted in these animals. In other rabbits the
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was to be fished out of its haunts, and made to demon-
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cord or not. It seems very strange that physicians have been
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tensive park system, with which is connected elahorut*;
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A vaccine was made from the pus, but the child was dead
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examination of him, I thought that although no etiological antecedents of amyloid
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large branch or branches taking origin close to the part of the vessel tied. If,
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bonic aoid and amylene in the chapter on sedatives, pepsine among the special stimu-
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long or short, which must, of necessity, equalize the
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farm in the vicinity. The local authority resolved to have the
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» as possible to the remaining structures, thus preventing hemorrhage, and en-
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Gandy' Charles M., First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur-
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Medical Education, both in our State and National Associa-
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as we have seen, exists between the forms and the distribution of the forces, is
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