The apparatus required is a microscope with an oil immersion lens, an in-

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against excitement and are better not to see many visitors. At first they

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impregnated ovum, with its segmentation ; now we know *

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Sudden severe intoxication with collapse may justify heroic stimulation

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treated 25 cases with Pane's serum, 2 ending fatally. The reports of indi-

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inflammation which has gone on to ulceration in a considerable number,

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the calibre of its examining corps, and it follows that the

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irregular projections into the lumina so as almost to occlude them. The

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Why not, as well as that a syndicate shall dictate to the

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pathological conditions and after death the gas bacillus may pass into the

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many prisoners of war carried the infection, the disease was widespread;

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ship in the Union Club of Boston, of which club he was one

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Dr. Gage, of the State Mutual; Dr. Gillette, of the

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in both cases they were results of inoculations of a similar microorganism.

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Following these definitions, it is reasonable to conclude

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in this case it is probable that the toxin is bound by cells outside the nervous

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^ French and Hicks, Practitioner, August, 1906, found in 29 consecutive cases a

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died (29.29 per cent.). Of 111 autopsies, 103 had no herpes (92.79 per

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the temperature is generally higher, leukocytosis more marked, and the

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longer. When fully developed it is frequently accompanied by some itch-

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changes in the vessel wall are found (Howard), and it is possible that these

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come to assume a complex form, in which medical knowledge

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been shown by Cornet and others to abound in the dust of closed places

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patient should be seen at once. The symptoms immediately after perfora-

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for positive conclusions but are suggestive. Severe hemorrhage occurred

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appearance of the albumin." Grainger Stewart considers

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were the only cause of endocarditis and arthritis; but it is well known that

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was non-contagious, for hundreds of cases were treated in the city proper

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Miiller on animals have shown that the chilling of the body is followed by a

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the total number of cases is put at 95. Among these, malarial fever in 3

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used in Germany, is a preparation of killed cultures, the formula for which is

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either due to rupture of the drum or from the external auditory meatus.

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difficult matter to determine. Wells was able to demonstrate the pneumo-