demonstrated that the destruction takes place in vitro also, when normal
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with defervescence by lysis; during the latter period the left vocal cord, the
has suffered in an attack of cholera. In other cases uraemia forms the basis.
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children this is not necessary. The procedure can scarcely be said to be pain-
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ways from large masses of microorganisms. The freeing of the toxin in
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and Petruschky found that streptococci of high virulence for rabbits did not
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the first sound of the heart. Murmurs heard over the tri-
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upper extremities in a sort of arc in front of the face. If the fontanelles are
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by a sharp rise in temperature and severe pain in the ear. In very young
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glands may lead to severe complications. The conjunctivae are reddened,
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intraleukocytic destruction of the bacilli is shown also in plates made with
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completely healthy and besides had never suffered any symptoms of cholera
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Some organisms in addition to the production of a general toxin also pro-
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a "good" vaccination. The final size of the scar is much less than that of
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association of suppurative phlebitis and pyaemia. He believed that pus
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a syringe, care must be taken to avoid forcing air into the
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degeneration. In fact, the process in the two tissues seems to occur at the
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the stimulating factor in the intestine; (3) attending carefully to the diet;
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There seem to me to be three essentials: Early subjuga-
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clusions may be summarized. The typhoid bacillus produces a mild toxin
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plasma cells many of which show mitosis. The infiltration with plasma
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intelligent, rheumatic cliildren should not be pressed at school work, and
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broken down thin sections of it can be made, stained and
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the accessory sinuses of the nose, pyosalpinx, arthritis, and abscesses of
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with wire screens on the w^indows for delirious patients.
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occurred independently of any epidemic. In the years 1904 and 1905, New
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a man's life or deprive him of insurance, if the lung has be-
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when the patients died of intercurrent bronchopneumonia in no way con-
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matic." Early in the seventeenth century, however, the term rheumatism
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defense. Robin treated 14 patients in this manner, giving hypodermic
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albumin. These were patients in whom the petechise were prominent. In
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was stated. In 210 cases, it appeared before six months; in
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The bactericidal immune sera are produced by immunization with those
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familiar with the reciprocal action of the skin and kidneys
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staffs. We must together try to solve the problems amicably,
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redness in the sacral region, it is well to keep the patient on a ring or turn him