extremities much more dissolved than those of the upper, or of any other part. They wert

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prising feature is the sudden onset, in a healthy individual, of diabetes, which

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We have adverted to these points in the discussion because

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had learned his merits and his efficiency, and in 1854 he

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death. None of the solid organs have hitherto been found to contain them.

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sideration of some phenomena connected with the gouty diathesis which

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natural mobiliiy ofthe joint is in a greater degree impaired.

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passing through the opening for fourteen days, before

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is in discarding it afterwards. In the administration of

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skin, and scars of considerable extent. This is the mildest form

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the tumour with one or both hands, softly but closely, and then

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M. Payen recommends plunging the articles into a solution of

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food, will in most cases cure by removing the cause as well as the symptom,

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palmar urn (L.) , at Madras. 1 8 to 20 /x. Definitive host unknown.

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day. I was disappointed in every case in its efficacy. About

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purposes of anatomical study "because its internal organs

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and enlargement of the fang wounds and forcible suc-

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o-ive the desired result, if anemia were the cause.

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something give way in his back. He fell down and lost

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peritoneum, and probably more so. When the practical obstetri-

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may produce physical stigmata, and especially the spontaneous ec-

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appearance figured in (a.) fig. 14, page 340. The large lymphoid

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that are common to every religion, and characteristic of it. For instance,

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septic material, and thus it is that these grave symptoms

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had been forced to this conclusion by many years of hospital out-

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it was more logical to devote money to the cure of the

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sodium bicarbonate decreases the emetic properties of

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Botal'fit foramen was oocluded. In the kft auricle, an Us posterior

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able after the use of radium. But the radium did not get a fair

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neck should be worn. You as teachers should know that con-

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the patient, as regards the habitual use of alcoholic drinks, are of course

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and is glad to be rising. The vertigo of high altitude is not an empty word ;

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A similar increase may occur in prurigo, in which, in one instance,

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attacked than residents. One attack usually confers immu-

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no lesions are found. At the end of two or three days the autopsy reveals

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series of articles that appeared in the International