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duction are immensely increased ; it is not merely a struggle

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cording to Jolm Lovett Morse the proteid needs are :

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ent in cases operated upon in this country. In France

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Patients — CSF samples from 125 pediatric patients at

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chronic cases, but has no advantage over quinin; that it is useful when

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a case in my oflice where there was undoubtedly preg-

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show that I had a higher aim, than that of being a me-

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senses and of their normal influence over the mind, and of the more or

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large mortality. This question was exhaustively discussed at the recent

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tions of the ambulance were to collect the wounded from the regimental

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at right angles with the normal position of the teeth. The fissure extended

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infection based on bacteriological grounds — teacher readmitted him.

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glands, caseous deposits in the lungs, and other old disturbances of

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ing the inflammation in the hip, and the patient was referred

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cieux," etc., for nervousness, diminished sexual power in

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mostly in Germany and France. The cyst may be as large as in hydronephrosis.

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extirpation alone, or with a very limited wedge between

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conditions are probably congenital. In answer to Dr. Syme, I think there is

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latter may he obtained of Messrs Krol and Sesemann. 241, Whitecbapel-

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Esq., of Arbngton-street, l^iccadilly, to Marie Caroline, eldest daughter

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carried out in all case< of diphrhpritic croup."

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careful examination, I failed to detect the slightest

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