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flour, or milk given freely, is the appropriate remedy. Milk
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With regard to the desirability of sublimate irrigation
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siders it dangerous to distend the bladder with air, on account of
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articular rheumatism so called, presumably gonorrheal
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A certain amount of moisture is essential for bacterial growth. In gen-
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nexion. The synthesis is positive and demonstrative.
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Dr. P. G. Rockwell offered the following resolution.
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species may be antagonistic to another or in various ways modify its char-
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essential that the bone should be completely divided
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parts of the plant emit a disagreeable odour resembling
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the President, the Senate, and the People, that this should
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Lepidium montannm, Nutt. T. & G. Fl. i, 116, 669.
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proteolytic power. The same result may also be obtained by mixing it
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He ought, of course, to be able to examine the crystalline lens as