as soon as discovered, since by acute infections, as before mentioned,
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and the sciatic nerves were normal. Slight evidence
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adequate renal function be maintained in animals that have had the
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cuticle were thickened, and the disease confined to it; but, on a
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proved to be abundant to support a cow in good health while
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Pub. Health & Mar.-Hosp. Serv., Wash., Mar., pp. 1-48, figs. 1-43.
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perhaps to half a degree below normal. If it go be-
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If the interparietal sulcus be carefully examined in Cercopithe-
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moment a pregnant woman, the subject of albuminuria, may be seized with
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dose after each fit; continue the other treatment just the same. In case
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light, water and food we must have in sufficient quantity and of
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the depressed vital energies of the system to a healthy standard, the va-
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and hence he called it amyloid matter. Kekule was the first to
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therefore, may be said to belong topographically to
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ing that hospital, the State outside of Suffolk County
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strongly advised. It took all of his time, however, during the rest
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In these cases the fever did not appear for several days after the