Dr. Sims is of opinion that the death-rate is still too high, and, while the
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tionale Medico-Sportive (A.I.M.S.) was formed by that
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provided it gives you an opportunity of preaching the gospel
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known that the indications for these two operations are separate
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was quite noticeable and we do not think a comparison
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meeting, where only a portion might be specially in-
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centres, the lungs, and the h«urt^ and of these the cerebro-
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more recent results. The authors have made no attempt at fine writing,
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wish to describe at length the appendiceal lesions observed, reserving
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porary spots simultaneously with the host. In experiment 28 we
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lants as tea and rum, and ample quantities of such sustaining diet
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which is the albumen coagulable by heat entangling in
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A ligament which is radial to one motion of a verte-
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able than precept alone. Where neither are possible, we have still
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less in bed, with closed eyes. She answered such ques-
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rapidly increasing every year. It is a department that I give special attention
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lasted. Vespere — vomited and purged frequently ; tongue
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again return into the blood by the veins : but if that
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right masseter is a little harder and a little more projecting than
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Etiology. — The poison has not yet been defined, but it floats in the
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oozing, and the procedure must halt until the wound can be packed
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allows of something less bulky being produced, and the