interior of such masses was found to be densely matted, and of a
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It would seem to be established, therefore, by tlie investigations of Abbott
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"Theognis, 768; cf. Minnermus, 2.5, who thinks the Keres are the
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* As a ligature, we used white sewing silk, single.
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Augustin H. Goelet, of New York City. In a recent article
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he was in collusion with the people who sold cheap cotton handker-
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curved lines and constantly moved his right hand. He could
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to the Epidemic Wing of the Meath Hospital, on the fourth day
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Edelstein, A.O.S. Fels, J.S. Fine, K.D. Friend, E.H.
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board for all comers — a plan, it will be remembered,
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ject upon that line, and wherever our ajjents report to
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the part of unprejudiced minds seeking only to find
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facts deducible from careful study of anatomy, physiology, and path-
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cope, bringing us revelations even from those "wheeling
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proper light. A high reclining-chair and a southerly
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family of four, two brothers had died, causes unknown : one sister
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ation : ist. Those attending pelvic peritonitis, accompanied by
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at Harvard of Theodore Roosevelt, and I have often said that Roose-
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to find a condition justifying this procedure. Block suggests
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the cystic or choledoch duct ; and if they do not produce colic, they
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ing them cleared up. He supposed there were circumscribed areas of