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food, to understand the processes of digestion and assimila-

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of the animal and her fcetus in utero is indispensable. Neither

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to be wholly satisfactory for diagnosis. Among the cases of rabies

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oped ; never walked; on standing rests on toes (Fig. l);

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microscopists study from at the present day. It has

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The total calcium excretion reported is 1.697 gm., an excess over the

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internally. Perspiration ensued ; the circulation equalized ; and conse-

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In some of these cases I have preferred not to give the su^estion

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rrhage occurs from a spurting vessel, e.g., the tonsillar artery,

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coiiege of Surgeons, corporated by tlie "Seal of Cause" of the

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mor might hrst have the tumor biopsied to look for the presence

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inconvenience resulted from this arrangement, and the present Royal Montrose

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Gentlemen, to conclude this enumeration of the mechanical causes

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not unfrequently we meet with diarrhoea or soft stools in patients

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authorities, has inoculated tuberculous matter obtained from man

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and so allow a more uniform diffusion of the discharges which

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perature. The appearance of the colonies in gelatine does not differ espe-

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Anatomy and Physiology of the Bones of the Ear and the Membrana Tympani 386

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and whether symmetrical, that is to say the same on the two sides

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" A sow which had had by a wild boar a litter, in which the

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports, vol. vii. 1898. — 2. Dakhyl. Traitement des brUlures par

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To Lavoisier it is that we owe the first clear account of the com-

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vere Personality Disorders. UCSD at Doubletree Hotel, San Diego. Sat-

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There is always an interest attaching to the history

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are pronounced; a slight yellowish tinge of the eyeballs can be distinguished.

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piece of apparatus, two small flasks constituting the entire break-

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a perfect take. This is different from the outlay in that no suturing

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the two conditions that are absolutely necessary before decom-

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The results of these inoculations are not yet available for publication.

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The occasional occurrence of associated recurrent hsemo- porphyrinuria, as

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