injection of vessels of sclerotic and conjunctiva paling ; sight
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ical procedures, as most of these operations are in elderly women, for
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Symptomatology: — A number of cases, especially those
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towards me, and his conscience jcondemned him, for try-
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heat, to extreme cold ; and where it is not unufual
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for five days following the eating of vegetable soup.
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the time the loss of national honor. And if the national honor Avas
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estimates to his, as approximations coming much nearer the triuh.
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ting that it was among these that the attack began. 'J'heir feeling is as
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pointed curved scissors, employed first to divide the structures
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growths which reached nearly the size of a split-pea. These were
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impressions are readily felt there, and this is established by the fact
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and adherent to the structures beneath (hidebound), the ex-
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breath, indeed, it was said, was so intolerable that no one would
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adhesions were broken down and the tumour drawn out. The pedicle
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Mr. Dixon attributes the assertions of the elders that the women strongly
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been decolorized by the action of the parasites. This figure corresponds to Fig.
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diastase units in the urine in a case of chronic pancreatic insufficiency
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extremity of the canula is made to take its place, fairly
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puted. At the present time the position stands thus: Erythema nodosum
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yesu"s of age, of a strong constitution, was admitted into the Hotel-Dieu, No-
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from a long root. When a simple stem with the root is dug up
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occupying these positions, I must em]iliatically enter an earnest pro-
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expect disinfection. The fluid to be disinfected must contain
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from a social standpoint as well as valuable in a scientific way.
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"Edinburgh," says Dr. Osier, "soon outstripped all compeers"; its
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gutters, and whatever paving material is employed, it must
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tonics (especially the mineral acids with bark), and cholagogue
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and is largely localized in the liver, but seems to
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