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which is healthy, and the result is that the bread of the peasantry nearly

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The stomach is richly supplied with blood vessels from the coeliac axis

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In the liver, as elsewhere, the deposition of lardaceous material

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Spillman injected pilocarpine into a patient, suffering from saturnine colic,

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of modern ophthalmology as the most exact science in the practice of

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that it frequently occurs as a sequela to some acute infection, such as

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the female sex. Children of a gouty father are specially prone to suffer.

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ity in these cases down to little more than the mortality in cases of

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Anatomy has been the foundation of surgery, and in no place has the

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a mild cauftic called realgar, which was kept on with

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months' respite, symptoms or no symptoms. In two years the patient has

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gangrene. Griinfeld fed animals with the acid, and he found in cocks

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Nodes are ill-defined doughy tumours, adherent to the bone but not

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and shortens the attack. It is a powerful direct cholagogue, and it is

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in the absence of the nurse or attendant, he may throw himself from a

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in the legs, numbness of the skin of the pretibial area and occasionally

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say. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. The restriction of carbohydrates,

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the sinuses, are mostly of a diffuse and indefinite character.

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been so frequently resorted to for criminal purposes. Metallic arsenic is

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either occur by direct extension through continuity of tissue, or are due to

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the female in coitu. In addition, the tail of the male is also generally

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acid and 60 parts of sodium bicarbonate. If the bicarbonate was reduced from

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by the inflated and twisted portion of the bowel. This form of obstruc-

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Treatment. — Intestinal flukes, Distomum crassum and Amphistomum

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and milk, bread and milk, milk puddings made with rice, sago, or

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trans]X)rtation. shock, if possible, should be prevented or treated.

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it is obviously difficult to reach an accurate opinion. In a short series of

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knowledge sprang should have controlled scientific thought for 2,000

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ordinary oil. Among useful substitutes for cod-liver oil, pancreatic emulsion

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secretion and excretion, and (c) the secondary changes induced by these

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vered, nothing more remains but to lead her away to

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irregular intervals. The bowels are constipated. Irritability and fretful-