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matitis multiformis, including herpes gestationis. The alternative name,
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The floor space, therefore, should be not less than one-twelfth of
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stupor, coma, and death. In these cases only the history of the
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the dangers during the course of pregnancy with this complica-
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Joseph B , 'aged twenty-seven, was admitted into the Lock Hospital on the 25th
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was taken from me at the gate, with the laconic information
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they die 20 to 25 per cent, in New York, and in mine only one
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and domestication in our Gulf States would appear to be a
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would recall his article in Quain's Dictionary they would recol-
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second group is far the most important, involving as it does the
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not the faintest jar or sound could be felt or heard. On
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and numerous dark points (small clots) were observed at various points,
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restored.— (?o^(?«e des Hi'pitaux, No. 133, 1881.
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another facility prior to the transfer and of any alternatives to it