5. On the best means of disinfection, / but no conclusions were adopted in refer-

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cal feature : the fluid is dichroistic, looks either red or green,

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ever anti-hygienic they may be, than that they should

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father, and earlier ancestors, for the germinal period ; for, it will be

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It is customary to speak of the phenomenon of albuminuria

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18. Photographs. General Order 78, G. H. Q., A. E. F.,

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come in every company. Even when feeling deeply wronged,

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solved in one and a half tluidounces of cherry -laurel water : a

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principle of the bill. He would give them corporate

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Dr. Pereira lays it down as an a.xiom, that though they al)

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When such a difficulty arises, the surgeon will act wisely in not

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the heart were very indistinct, with no pulse at the

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streaks up the leg had disappearitd, and on the foot, all

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the heart and vessels; none in the parenchyma of the organs.

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common among them, while in the other sex pregnancy is the most important

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wherever inoculated. The period of inoculation is very variable; accord-

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dress with antiseptic gauze and absorbent cotton, and renew daily.

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pected. While, as a rule, the antiseptics are employed under condi-

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that a diseased kidney eliminates ingested chloride of sodium less

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ioli^ can claim any vital element or principle, the generation, with

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of delivery, by partial retention of the placenta, or by extensive

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many cases she never rises to her former self again. Her

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wrists, &c., serves to aid the diagnosis ; while the subsequent cur-

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to mask its odour may be here recorded. W. Pagenkopf recommends

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A. PiLOZ: Neurologitohei Centralblatt, Oct. 16, 1913, p. 1368.

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fornia State Medical Journal, last issue, has a num-

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curse of war. Realizing their own deficiencies they are

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