in America; for though state ownership of water is se-

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ophthalmoscopic examination, except the outlines of

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hood, but otherwise had been healthy, except for his mental condition.

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medicine and hygiene for the medical officers of the

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the proposed line of incision in all directions, for one can never tell

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being probably an orthodox Catholic), in fuliihnent of a vow, or at least from some re ig.ous

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wholly wanting. At most, it will betray itself at the anterior

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rified factor XI in vitro in the presence of negatively charged

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hour or thereabout. The patient's sensation should be consulted.

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throat, and over the skin of the patient during desquamation.

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examined bacteriologically. A few of these cases complicated scarlet fever,

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the sulphide was made, at other times he had worked at his trade as

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animals was so great that it was difficult to establish comparisons.

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specific remedies whenever there are pronounced specific

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cause of suppuration are capable of causing other forms of inflammation

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Lorixg, L. Yi, captain and assistant surgeon. Leave of ab-

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These in themselves, scattered through various volumes, or in the more

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hind the knee and flexing the leg forcibly, tie the leg to the thigh as

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longer than any substance known, hence its value as above,

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may be gray or whitish yellow in color. Infarcts are not uncommon.

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Hospital, Park avenue and Seventy-sixth street. New York City.

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benzol, are more oxidisable than the corresponding bodies free

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the so-called bloodless operation for reducing the dislocation.

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materials, and that which is best next the foot, should be

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toneal cavity in cases complicated by the extravasation of blood

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certained the quantity of solid material which it held in solution, and

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of the chest. Numerous melanotic tumors of various sizes ex-

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an hour's restless sleep. Gave codeine sulp., grs. jss., every four hours, with

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Innere Medicin, No. 45, 1902) with the use of large doses of

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discoloration of the skin indicated before death the existence of cap-