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excitement and violence it is better to resort to mechanical restraint than

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patient passed the largest quantities of urea she was free from headache.

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cholera among the moimied rangers at this post, 3 of which proved fa-

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process of peritonitis, and this preventive measure I endeavor to

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wiU be well for us to attend to the facts of the case, and

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the number of boats at the present time on the canal.

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trituration with organic substances like sugar, or oxidizable sub-

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admit my index finger. This was attended by the escape of

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chemists allege is the cause of all the morbid symptoms of gout.

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the tempestuous weather which set in on the 17th Octo-

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lasting about half a minute. He had more or less headache for the first

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from that prescribed for Pneumonia; feed on sloppy food, and here will

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had had previously different manifestations of the rheumatic

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acter ; but, unfortunately, the most frequent demand for this

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shall see, played an important part in the develop-

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The fingers of the affected side have a rather languid circulation,

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and if any one of the counties should fail to recommend as above, the

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cias Med. ) reports a case of complete amaurosis, in a

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habits. It must be fed, washed and dressed by rule ; in

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without loss of life or of limb. Foreigners who were unvaccinated

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ness, is well tolerated by the smallest children, and

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there are cases in which I prescribe acids. You have seen me order

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that occur in the higher centers of the nervous system preceding the

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two or three weeks and progressing to its complete classical

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extremities, and even these were for several months entirely sus-

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vaccinated with it against luetic infection. The injection of this

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Not long ago a great theologian died in the very prime of

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