typhoid fever, but is met with in all severe infectious diseases. The want

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and when a large portion of a lobe is involved, the lung-tissue will be

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and the urine bloody, wet cups should be freely applied to the loins, fol-

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of the shoulder. Where the tendon is not returned to its normal posi-

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hot stupes or fomentations, sheet-rubber should be applied over the hot

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eurismal. But in all cases the latter are covered by the intestine, whereas

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various kinds, cream, glycerine, oils from vegetables, koumyss, malt

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means of the hot-water bag will relieve. Dyspeptics should never wear

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of the intercostal spaces. The respiratory movements on the affected side

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hypersemia, followed by an exudation into the ducts, which is semi-transpa-

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is possible to arrange the different types in a progressive scale, from the

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angular splint is preferable in all cases, with the exception of fractures

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Passive Tiijpercemia, or " chronic renal congestion/' has its seat in the

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patient, and, as far as that one symptom is concerned, to give complete

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fever, but in typhoid fever nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea follow the fe-

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9. Congenital dislocation is one which happens because of a lack of

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filled the sputa temporarily when there is little actual disease in the lung.

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