him to submit to the operation of tying the veins, which had been
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rounds out the physical, gives animation, vigor, keenness, vivacity,
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Occurrence. Leukemia has been observed in the domesti-
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as patience on the part of the invalid and persistence in the
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All these contrivances depend on a wind being ahead ;
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and keeping the skin of a soft feel and a healthful
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bills these cases. Blue Shield, therefore, asks for the co-
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by Dr. James L. Babcock, and short biographical sketches of Dr. Benjamin
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lipoproteins have been classified according to their size and
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prominent pathologic entity. We now come to study a second class,
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Rienzo, John Salvatore. Clinical Associate Professor of
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atmosphere; that the activity of these particles of dust can be
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1776 a. — Idem. Supplements und Register-Band [etc.]. 7 p. 1., 384 pp., 20 1.;
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find, that on thirty heads of mummies, whose facial angle was equal to
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says he, ' has shown that a well-marked typhoid affec-
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with a class of poisons secreted by certain bacteria, and present in solution
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tended in any sense to compete with the more voluminous works upon the
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closely related to the spread of AIDS that we have coined
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having a markedly contracted or infantile descending colon and
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man aged 25, a French-Canadian, with the following history :
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and satisfactory to give the patient ether, scrape out
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Local Grovernment Board in 1881 on the Wool- Sorters' Disease in Brad-
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studied by Rodgers and co-workers. 5 Treated patients
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case of extensive thrombo-phlebitis in my practice with in-
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* Traite des Maladies Chirurgieales, par M. Le Baron Boyer, vol. v.