tubercle bacilli at this time, but did show Type IV pneumococci.
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fingers at from four to eight feet, but he could not
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ness, with attacks of neuralgic pain radiating into the
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2. These deviations in the rate of reaction from the law of mass
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Indian troops leprosy was sometimes observed, but does not seem
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he pubUshed in the British Journal of Dermatology for 1914.' A woman, at
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at all a purely inflammatory process, and can be very readily differ-
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by the ordinary means. Massage must be begun especially early.
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the reticulum in it disappears and only the chromatine
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vessel leading to it is found enlarged and indurated, feeling like a
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6. Smoll FL, Smith RE (eds): Psychological Perspectives in Youth
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value of myotics in chronic glaucoma. Thus, in 1908, he analyzed a
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once ruled out of court, for the disease is neither chronic ulcerative
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property and records, i in charge of transportation and quarter-
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The animal having been placed upon a stretcher, the pericardium was
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4. "A vesicle which may run a normal course until the eighth or ninth
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festing any mental aberration, no matter (within limits) how
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tongue the same as in the morning ; temperature under
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to Lakeside Hospital; Consulting Surgeon to Charity Hospital,
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POUCHET, M. F. A.— NooTcllea Experiencaa sor la Generation Spon-
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titutionskraft,' or the force exerted by the attempt to assume the mormal
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inquirers. " It has no pretension to do more than acquaint its
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the C0 2 tension after an initial fall took about seven days before it
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from any previous eye trouble. There was no albumen
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very concave, but otherwise nearly normal. Both Eustachian
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That emotion frequently plays a part as an exciting cause is not antagonistic
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men who wear by just decree of their fellows the un-