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'It tiaa more virtues than you claim for it."— James P. Prestley, M. D., Ctiioage«

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As long as the dropsy exists, it conceals the extreme emaciation

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In this reprint Dr. Yance advocates the use of four different

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or congestion of the cerebral substance. The pia mater is occa-

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Phrenological Journal, $2 a year, 389 Broadway, New

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patient and doctor prevails the injections are there-

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colic. "Laryngeal crises" are known by attacks of severe

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while the portion which lies immediately within the grasp of the liga-

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temporal region, about one and three-quarters inches

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be of unquestionable service in those old chronic cases where the joint

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anemia (syncope), etc. Traube held that the heart's action was

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This treatment, continued, if necessary, for'two or three days, and

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further combinations. Old varieties are often given new

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they fade, yet the itching does not disappear. To comprehend the

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quently with all the care we can take, may and will fail altogether.

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the product painted in— often at odds with perspective. Undoubted stars are

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A curious combination of symptoms has been observed by Meynert

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wakes in the semi-delirious state ; and now, on almost every occasion, the

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