Bowel replaced in abdomen. The animal died seven hours after operation.

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In early days the free escape of very green pus from the uterus and

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reduce the tension by a posterior sclerotomy. This held for a while, but

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Exportation of pork microscopically inspected 20. 24

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Put them in the sun until they turn black ; put them into jars

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nondiphtheric, pseudomembranous cases are very grave affections, their

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and Kansas from cattle brought from Texas in February, 1890.

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domen, the hernia, and enucleated a large mass there,

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Dr. West said that, as a rule, the most suitable place for punc-

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over the painful part of the chest. Dr. Berkart has, as a rule, found the pa-

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not been seriously injured, sometimes exhibit extraordinary instances

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follow up persistently such a blood-purifying system of vegetable

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thorax affords convenient room for it to lodge in ; and that in

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but there is little tendency to scoliosis or to the deformities of feet and

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continuation course in obstetrics to be presented by the

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I went to the patent office, and found^ that Dr. Thornton

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tion continue 1 to spread over the lower extremities.

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the "dilution" experiment, which is all the more called for since

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incision. Giving the lithotrite to one assistant, while another fixed

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posed in 1990 using a then newly developed imaging technique to

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first three months a relapse is very probable; aft^r four months are

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Oiling as an Anti-Mosquito Measure. Reprint 260, Public Health Reports.

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The fingers of the affected side have a rather languid circulation,

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cliff, which fell on its stye, for the long space of one hundred and sixty days.

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three kinds of stools : first, the dyspeptic, which is pulpy, fre-

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any of the tributaries of this huge watery cormorant, where he begins to

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