affinities with cancer of the liver. The kidneys and the spleen

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exercise is walking in the open air. This must be carried

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malaria — none of which infections are in any way associ-

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in concentric lamellsB. Gradually now the colouring matter of the

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The inferences to be drawn from these cases are, that sometimes the

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fever of a bilious character; among the chronic diseases were periodical gastritis,

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ent degrees of light to which he was exposed without inconvenience.

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fail, one may suppose, to augment the liability to mental disease.

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recognize the human physiognomy. In this early stage the pulse was full,

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About the time of the attack there appeared just above the olecranon on

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in 1866. We must go far south to one of the islands in the

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he has met with the capsule transformed into a genuine sac, or pouch, as

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or mother or guardian who fails in this must assume part

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24th of July last by Dr. Edward Peace, on a patient in the Pennsylvania

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of nineteen cases illustrative of injury to the spine^ together

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Osier for broad culture, bits of Halstead, Cushing, Socrates and Voltaire. Mix

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parts of the cyst, in which the testes were found. Lastly, near the sum-

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effect in the development of catarrhal troubles. It is

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ribs were deficient, exposing the whole interior of the chest. The heart

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footing, without pressing too heavily upon poor and thinly

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sence of the ribs, sternum and parietes of the chest, compared with that

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recorded. Equally undeniable is the influence of local causes

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"There remain at the end of the year, two hundred and thirty-six pztients, one

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the metabolism, and that there is no family tendency to

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*' During the six months of the cold season it is tonic, without