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When all other means have failed, therefore, gastrotomy ought to be

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nature of the various afferent impulses that are transmitted to it through

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others had any medicinal treatment whatever. It spent the day

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the end of the fifteenth century, which places them

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to Cold or Fatigue. T. EL, aged forty-five, female,

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great practical importance, has led Dr. Hans DoerhVr

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and their name is legion, none has come into more general use

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In choleraic diarrhoea the cause may be organismal, or be derived from

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the eruption in 13 cases, twelve hours before the eruption in 4 cases, 1 day in

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stations, 6 arose from typhus fever, 30 from dysentery, and 28 from bU-

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good news brightens the eyes and straightens the stooping figure;

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eight of oxygen, will make one equivalent of the bicarbonate,

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will take her place in the social order in accordance with

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or convulsive form with the effects of vegetable poisons.

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