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The membrana limitans is a thin sheet of tissue, a continuous

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Figure 8. The tissues are closed so that the lozenge-shaped defect is closed, leav-

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Points clearly to the market value of this agent in dermatoses.

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the stables, with our permits, furnished after examination.

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The manipulation of the abdominal viscera always produces a

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be expected, is in inverse proportion to the age of the patient.

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Horse Creek, June 9, 1894 (No. 199); Little Laramie River, June

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turned aside and entered a church, with me still at his tail.

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Habitat and range. — Wild yam grows in moist thickets, trailing over adjacent

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progress for more than 48 hours. As the distance was some 10

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It was not until 1753 that Smollett definitely gave

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These vessels continue to form vascular loops, penetrating

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years in the respiratory tract of individuals with chronic cough. In un-

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be completed by administration in the usual way. The patient,

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days there still was fostered a true family-spirit,

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The sac can be seen to be formed by the separation of the layers

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attempts at contraction, as direct excitants of the spasms of the walls of the

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Preventicm. Never eat underdone meat. Trichiua sur-

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entom. de France, Par., 3. s., v. 8, p. 538. [W a , W c .]

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in nearly all our cities and many villages. Medical men