made in these columns shortly after their publication,
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ities. There is certainly something illogical in such an
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there are about fifty blank pages for notes by the student.
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concentration on an actual wound as encountered in the ward, and
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periments of Swift and Ellis with the intradural injection of salvar-
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take a wineglassful every hour, till perspiration is freely in-
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fever. A New Orleans correspondent says that a strange
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Levine, Daniel M. Assistant Professor of Biochemistry. A.B.
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Government to prove the students in the branches of the first two
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locality of Charity, with the heritage peculiar to all hospitals.
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DESCRIPTION: INDERIDE combines two antihypertensive agents INDERAL (propranolol
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every night with olive oil. Podophyllum and nux vomica, same as for
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the control of dilatation it seems to me best treated by
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noted in 180 cases and not noted in 265. Where a note was made
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outer border of the stratum griseum. The former may engage
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patient, we have as yet no specific treatment nor any means of cutting short
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inducing the very conditions which I lament should result from almost unavoid-
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man, but it produced a quite different effect, for no sooner
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The first thing to be marked out is the exercising track
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peritonitis. At the autopsy, we found a biliary calculus impacted in
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fifth to seventh day with separation of sloughs (very rare).
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shall be to observe and obey all of said orders and proclamations; to employ a
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were further away from the other castes than in other
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through muscle and ligament to the upper ribs — where-
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are called for in cases of strangulated hernia, producing a gan-
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treatment, if any, and the result; the duration of relief; the
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to the Epidemic Wing of the Meath Hospital, on the fourth day
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lier. Electron-microscopic studies also have shown that the
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effected in the structural materials of the ship herself.
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from the prolapsed uterus. In these operations as much care must be
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increased by a physiological factor which is rarely absent.
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— but will confine myself to external ulcers, a^ of the skin
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gest improvements of its defects. A simple description
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which it rushes with great rapidity, and above which there is no naviga-
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better, but distasteful." Sydenham believed that he acted as
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ioli^ can claim any vital element or principle, the generation, with
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irritation, prove that the operation was thoroughly aseptic. The sponges
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One of the most painfully familiar topics of our current medi«
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f&nugreek, lintseed, valerian roots, of each a handful ; let all