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muscles about 8 p.m. The intercostals and diaphragm seemed

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the dilatation of the tubes increased uniformly from

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sion remains. The site of such cicatrices can sometimes be detected on the outer

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fetid as, when swallowed, to produce abnormal condi-

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and pneumonia and general diseases of the circulatory

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even to engage in animated conversation, for he is overcome

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tlieir eggs in the auditory meatus, it is almost invariably found tliat

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state of mental equanimity impossible. The following is most artistic : —

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7. It is to be decidedly preferred to the bromides in those

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" levels " of the motor hierarchy he theoretically sets up, be-

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Kolliker confirms the statements according to which

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examine the pharynx for abscess ; and Duparcquef states that

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Psychiatry-. Associate Attending Psychiatrist, New York

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presence of opacities. The vision has gradually become worse, and is now

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the City of Ithaca glad of their presence but that they were

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the surgeon, either alone or with the aid of a steel director, will

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NICKERSON, Franklin, resid., 165 Moody St.; office, Savings

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Burrell, H. E. Fracture of the spine : its immediate treatment by

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tion. The most valuable of these is my magnetic-stool, for the

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tant on account of the enormous financial interests involved anc

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in its operation produce the same appearances and symp-

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nearer the injured part, one may often in a few minutes

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measures in certain cases of the fevers which have a self-limited career. A pa-

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closed the uterine wound in his Ctesarean case with

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The climate of Buxton is therefore conspicuously bracing, and being

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Heat affects venoms in two ways : (i.) By coagulating some of the

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I the child, 70 percent fluid restricted the child, and 35 percent

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contract they cannot, for the ring of the splint is firm against

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Stein, Neil H. Clinical Assistant Professor ol Medicine,

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slowly and gently in a new or unused pot over a slow fire. While