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ing houses, hotels, and tenement houses must remain isolated and under

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— -Dr. T. K. Dalziel discussed the surgical aspects of enteric fever.

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mordid tendencies-i^estilting from such unavoidable fear should be

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to operation, and so iwstponement occurred. Every one is averse

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dent from his case: (1) that the thermo-cautery has

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The important conclusion reached by Dr. Rotch that sterilized milk

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other methods, with the exception, possibly, of the

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useful, predictor of sudden death due to ventricular fibrilla-

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When bought, he appeared perfectly sound, and his limbs were

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disappeared from the interior of the ganghon. The surviving

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been freshly opened and prepared in order to be effective.

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ported were of scientific investigators, etc., or work-

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the hernia, the degree of strangulation, the age of the subject, and the condi-

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or no pain. In some instances the effusion continues to accu-

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of French or German, (c) He will matriculate and register as a student of

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resulting in a large defect in the dura; insertion of a gold plate

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hyoid, extending from the symphysis of the chin to the angle of the

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adapt it to the conditions in this State, having respect all

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other nervous symptoms as well. There is still another

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Fiat mistura. Signa. Take a tablespoonful every six hours.

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to protect the clothing. By the time this was all used, less than a

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contact with a leaden bullet, a small scale of lead will be brought

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** A man suffering from hypertrophy of the prostate, and subject to attacks

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a week's time the sores had completely healed, and the induration

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over the lungs. The patient died six days after his admission.

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by some writers are described as partial or acute insanity, (2) maniacal

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completely, but evidently it profoundly alters the local conditions, and

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The patient was an ill-nourished man, aged 40, who first attended

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in a complete solution of continuity of the vessel walls and injuries

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1778 a.— Idem. 10. Samml., 63 4- [9] pp., 4 pis. 8°. Berlin & Stralsund.

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The doctor came, looked at him sternly for a second, and then said,

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pass through X and Y. Now draw a tangent A B to the circle

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leather, but I did not feel the pain What is the philosophy

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tant phenomena often furnish the attentive observer with sufficient

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