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certain if hemianopsia or unilateral blindness is present. It is not a little

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sarcoma of the thigh. The principal interest in the

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lished by David Clapp & Son, 334 Washington street, Boston,

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and metabolism, blood contamination from retention of effete products

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Samples sent gratis, if parties ordering them will pay express charges.

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such a thing as Typhus Fever, but 99 times out of 100 it is Anthrax.

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after mild attacks the patient's condition shows much more effect from the

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It is also, as Bryant says, ''an operation in the dark,'' and

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man, rather rapid in his movements, and still young enough

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taws, like the one outlined and discussed in this report, is of the first importance in dealing

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arising at some lower point in the primitive cardiac tissue and retro-

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home instead of to a convalescent or auxiliary hospital, where the

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over the lungs. The patient died six days after his admission.

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"We miss reference to recent researches on venous pulse in the neck,

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Emotional and Physical Sensitivity in Iranian Culture Karen L. Pliskin

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the position in bed preserved. An instrument of a smaller volume re-

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The shoulders presented a mottled appearance, and had several

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character of the latter. It was difficult to criticise the

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which should show the extent to which anteflexion alone

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these different varieties. Its most frequent ^eats are the face and pharynx— in

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thus deranging the system. The idea so recently suggested by a

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patient, we have as yet no specific treatment nor any means of cutting short

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vessel, earthen or porcelain, put in as much of the herb

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strongly opposed to the idea that tuberculosis is contagious, and on the

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