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Then the preparations of opium may be given in full and
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tween 100'^ to 103°. He spat up daily two to four ounces of
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in meeting the diverse needs of County residents. We’re looking for a
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struggled to reshape the brain's connections. One key scientific
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much, or too little, given to any particular organ, produces disease
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In children ^ with tetany the attacks an; often associ-
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sodium chloride be reduced in the blood by removing it from the
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time express the belief that such failures will be very rare, unless he
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Add to this that a constant succession of cases must be kept
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necessary to resect a rib. Pericarditis without effusion does not require any
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case of nephritis following scarlet fever after the affection had
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nitrate of silver, sulphate of copper, the mineral acids
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Having thus dealt with the general situation in Malta, we may now
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fying about 100 diameters or 10,000 times, being the powar
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treatment, will be followed by relapses. In other instances it is noticed that
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of fowls or rabbits it is from 1.2 tol.8 pi long and from 1 to 1.3/* broad.
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is only a very slight degree of i intravesical herniation of it This
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flammatiott may l^ inoculated in the same manner, and that the inoculation will
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with the nature of drugs, vegetable and mineral, and
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:laR8es increase in enrollment during the next two years as
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berg Wells, F.R.C.S. Fourth American from the third
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anaesthesia are well known. A 2 per cent solution of cocaine painted
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genology, Jefferson Medical College. 1923 Spruce St.
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Add to this that a constant succession of cases must be kept
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will deliberately divert the stream of American and
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rica y in order to colled! thofe fpecimens of natural cu-
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tumours are only capable of transplantation into the same or a closely
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(which?) and feeding, much less than that among the hoys of any
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possess at present and of many unassailable observa-
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Case A.- — Multipara, aged twenty-seven, mother of three chil-
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Loose rein drivers are an abomination, as they teach the mouth
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shaped cut. These flaps were rapidly dissected back, with scalpel
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' " Medicinische3 aus der Aeltesten Kirchen GeschicLte," Leipzig,
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Peruviana," Jnaug. Disser. Berlin, 1877. — Tschudi, von. Uber die geograpMsche
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This represents an outstanding medical practice opportunity. County of 30,000 primary ser-
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dealt with the germ theory of disease, and then passed on to des-
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to bottom. To judge of this, both sides of it should be
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in the same doses, substituted for it. On the 26th, the spasms
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3. In like manner, the aesthesiometer indicates the com-
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want of refreshing sleep, night after night, and not unfrequently an
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The patient sits in a chair with an indill'erent ex-
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small posterior polar cataract, numerous fine vitreous opacities, and a
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Major D. G. Marshall, I. M.S., 25 Buckingham Terrace,
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An erroneous idea has prevailed among horsemen that frac-
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doses of the rhubarb and calomel had been administered during this