crest. This ridge divides posteriorly, forming a sort of calamus scrip-
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Universities of London and Wales, and Victoria University : —
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years' hospital experience, he had met with but two
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spoken of by the author, may be the subject more immediately interesting to our
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Stable or diminishing drug resistance and the apparent
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of healthiness. There are no large marshes, or standing pools or
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I think they do — and if they do, then what subject can
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left after the process of distillation — is, even at the period of
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tion often exceedingly tender. At first it is firm, but as it extends it
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" It needs scarcely to be mentioned, that this letter is incorrect in
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with the bones and soft structures contained therein. The foot
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ments, as in neuralgia or the lightning pains of loco-
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pair of nerves, sometimes occupying the ramification of one of its
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recommende<l puncture of the suspected area by means
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rather hard to modify and still harder to control,- Coal-tar prepara-
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to assert that persons having contracted the fever cannot
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tilled water after it has been kept for 1 hour in 100 cc. of H2O, it
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Participation in hospital or community medical rounds, with recourse to
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below the pylorus was attached to the stomach in Rockwitz's position.
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In the closing days of the session the United States Senate — which did
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presence of any changes in liver function tests, drug
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blood supply to apart is increased, the circulation event-
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in length of time required to produce insensibility. The ether
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over the entire town. None were fly proof in the slightest.
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and, as far as it goes, is well done. It is perhaps the least ob-
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light work causes the system to immediately respond. A
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exhaustively in one type specimen of each of the four stages of
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of the collecting or dressing stations for the division to which
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It is not unfrequently stated by dealers, that at the time of
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took pains to exhibit him to medical men and students as an
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is one which has long occupied and puzzled otologists. The chapters
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make it possible to manage him with ease. For the same reason it should be
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