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War Department orders provide that at posts where there are

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tribution in the urine was normal, 76 per cent, of the total nitrogen being in the

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* Read before the Pnblio Medicine Section at the annual Meeting of the British Medical

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culty. Is this the cause or the consequence of the dyspepsia? "We

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a cryptorchis ; has he the power of procreating? Acton says not,

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•5802 Macgillivray, W. Manual of botany. Lond. 1853.

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Escherich, in order to cause diphtheria they must find susceptibility to their

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some than that of either the racer, steeplechaser, or

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which strictly medical considerations whether pathological, physio-

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renal lesions. These accidents will be further treated of

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the awful results of wrong-doing to the higher nature, and

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cases of pure hog cholera, that is, cases in which the hog-cholera bacilli are

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be a certain cure for the asthma, one of the most dis-

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colouring matters of several drugs^ such as the chimaphila or pyrola, hsematoxylum, senna, ,

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If it is preferred you can have the articles all ground

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removed it, but within a week it reappeared, and during a space of

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foil. Gutta-percha tissue placed between the raw edges of

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my experiment had succeeded. The greatest regularity and

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the blood volume rapidly producing no further information

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the glycosuria is less marked than after the pancreas has been painted."

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tween 100'^ to 103°. He spat up daily two to four ounces of

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formed by the patient exclusively, are conspicuous by their absence.

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cases it is present with measles and scarlet fever. Gowers

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bandage, as the ligature under the transfixing needles,

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tained in ^e box of eacA Syringe, and embodies much oseftal information,

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substantial aid from the State, but, with this exception, it

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gland are demonstrable chiefly because they produce some change in

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shot had lacerated the integuments prettjr extensively on

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ment can be forced into the folds of the urethra and into tlu

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difficulty which it would doubtless be much better to

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action of the drug carefully watched. It occasionally

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ting,' or by any form of internal cutting. I believe a wound is produced just


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of pregnancy, as a tonic during convalescence, in mental exhaustion and

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of one or many of the organs usually induces debility and languor in

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two to five months, without reference to the method of drying. (The term