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which appears in the last report of the Board, we read
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cretions. Heller found a tough, fibrinous concretion, almost as
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tions of the skin should be treated by means of it. At the present time the
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water bath for five hours at 37°C. This period of incubation has
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various factors which give rise to shell-shock aU the functions of
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young children by the educational system of the present day, and,
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Shortly after the rupture of the urethral wall, the perineal tissues
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at about 6 a.m., against her wishes, the last powder
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lieved now that many of these more chronic disorders
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evidencing the fact that there was no aukyloBis. It was very much swollen and
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by Frankel, but I cannot learn that it has been fairly and thoroughly put
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hours Such patients should be very closely observed and vital signs
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of its attainments, as much as it is on that of its
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cases may be attended by vomiting, hiccough, etc., the usual symptoms
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all of whom had been delivered with instruments, on account of a con-
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ers. Mead, Johnson & Co., Evansville, Ind., will
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irritating properties. Ilenco also cantharidine exerts its irritant action on all
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in the same manner as is the Dowse, but no motion at
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stable may be ever so neat, the hands of the milker
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strenuous years, we trust that our recommendations to the next
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disease, they are investigated ; but an ideal museum
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, '*' '•» \l»n >^»: v.immI \\ luju, iiiNtoatl Ol
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part are considerably dilated, but a few are found here and there
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the left side, and on that side of the nose. There was marked chemosis
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the blood and produce certain symptoms, we may safely infer
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chills, sweating and evidence of deep abscess. Vomiting is often ob-
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is so difficult to find in almost all forms of cutaneous