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either his arms or his legs. Paralysis of the respiratory muscles sometimes

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a white coat, and there was thirst, with nausea and vomiting of bile.

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sufficient circumspection, for careless mistakes of the kind ought

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submaxillary region were enlarged, but they were not painful to the touch.

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mation following. In the inferior animals these vessels can

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parts of the world, designations denoting a certain fixed period would

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reaction was occasionally delayed. Six cases were presented,

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lowed the same path. Hesitating at the beginning, they

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so as to form an interlacing meshrwork which entangles the red blood

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grown larger. Chrobak removed it. He discovered a cystic carcinoma of

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right on the right heel and the ball of the left foot; replace the left foot by

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doctor made an appeal to the American Veterinary Medical

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shrank from the least pressure upon this region. His pulse was

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completely than any preceding writer, and by making it to consist

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permit the application of the brush discharge and the employment of

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reconciling the several facts noticed in such instances, together

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rance the rule, and such harmful effects as he narrates only the exception,

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faced increasing pressures to keep up with burgeoning