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appeared. He is inclined to regard the dyspnoea not as uraemic,

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to 1 00. 5 in four hours. The crepitant rales were less audible,

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In April, 1672, it is recorded that smallpox was present in Glasgow, and had

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operation, and the dilated condition of the ureters makes it

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Physical Examination. — A well developed, but poorly nourished man, lying

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King'sCollA naturw. Classe. Sitzungsberichte. Vols. 1-42.

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the fact that there was a nerve lesion and that there

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19. A Simple Method of Preparing Catgut. By John Chiene, C.B.,

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which were afterwards forgotten, or at least allowed

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good chance of recovery, otherwise there is very little chance. On ac-

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is in addition a strong probability that healing will be impeded and more or less

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her body, and frightened at its appearance, attempts to stay the

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entered one of these aforesaid "friendly games," but upon agreement between mem-

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vergence of tenijH'rature means in the tropics all the

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gelatin in the funnel was perfused three times with 25 cc. of the

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of potato in this connection is possibly explained by the work of

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floor of the chamber ; by means of the exhaust fan the

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On motion of Prof. R. A. Gunn, of New York, a Commit-

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resorts appear to have the advantage over their European com-

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Benedict, John Mitchell Univ. N. Y., '82 Waterbury.

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