Causes. — The preceding sketch of the etiology of epilepsy should make

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of the tonic effects of the berberina associated with it, which

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consider what evidence exists to show that this same insect is the

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The course of shock is very variable. It may be so slight

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with the whites, add a little milk and strain into another dish.

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As Herr Eichelberg, moreover, has expressly indicated the diarrhoea

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bryo, at the level of the eighth myotome, the giant gangUon cells

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has attempted to impose its own regulations for the control

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common in those altitudes, and nervous diseases are aggravated.

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pean university was its medical school. To Salernum went

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Brit. Journ. Derm., 1905, xvii, p. 232) ; and Constantin and Levrat, Aim. de Derm, et Syph.,

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studies also reported a higher show rate for patients who

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Splenectomy, The Archives Int. Med., 1915, 15, 514.

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tunity for observation are materially increased, as this

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the cider boiling hot, into a Inrge bed of live embers,

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pediculus pubis to the pubic region, axilla;, and that

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variety of food so that it is abundant, nourishing, and not too diffi-

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he is apparently perfectly well, and has had perfect

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be used as a counter stain, they retain it after all traces of the stain have

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to the enormous force which has been instantaneously expended in

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Clinical results are very good— better, I consider,

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with an acute gangrenous appendicitis, with rupture and the develop-

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line glass-paper gives better results than paring with a

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tinuously for but few weeks induces a habit, a demand for

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I slightly knew his brother Wilhelm Humboldt ; a man

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molluscum contagiosum of some writers, and is best treated by snipping

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beriberi, and is frequently the immediate cause of death. Its occurrence

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When the dose is put up for immediate use there is probably small

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find the efferent canal, the last being detected and traced, the

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guished son. He was a born artist, artificer, craftsman,

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siasm, and in the most charming anecdotal manner, the

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however, against his conclusions. Their decision was,

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