"The 2d of July marked the fiftieth anniversary of the death of

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until recently. Advice from physicians and nurses to parents

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He had had no illnesses of importance hitlierto, except

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[Accompanying Dr. Reder's letter is a copy of his article reprinted

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attached to the parietes by means of processes prolonged beneath the

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Esculapius, far excelled all others in the enduring reputation it- mem-

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light She has been a milliner and has had rather long hours and not

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alike the care of the physician and the philanthropist, and where his labor-

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mav be mixed in the grain. Have the cooking water boiling. Add the salt

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rectum wall be found a large unsymmetrical swelling, more or less

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It has a molecular weight ot 450.98 Each tablet of CARDIZEM

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was the scar adherent ; equally good results attending

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minder, or no reminder. Among patients with telephones, the

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the patient usually exhibits much torpor and drowsiness, and the

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an associate of Dr. Wilson, the resident physician,

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looks like cartilage, or bone, softened by acid. Its most internal

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uary 5 through 7. The course is intended for general

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from the statistics of 62 hospitals, gives the following: Mortality of un vac-

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are now, and so we are not sure of either in the case

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