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deranged that what are known as the carbo-hydrates cannot be

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had gone so far as to go round a village with a bell, call

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obstructions in the larynx or oesophagus ; nasal polypi, &c. ; and

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more than seven days after the presentation of the petition, for the further

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" bronchial phthisis " is non-tubercular in twenty per

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He did not regard polycythaemia as any explanation of the

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for the entire Session ol ten months, Twont; five Hon..

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The old name of erythema solare (erythema caloricum)

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elephantiasis into a milder form manifesting only lymph stasis

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Where there is impairment functionally of the bowel, we nearly al-

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Rights, &c. If some scheme can be devised to make such people ap-

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anatomy in the New York Polyclinic School. He was a

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were, until eventually sober judgment, born of experience,

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the almost entire absence of subjective symptoms, are usually sufficient

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For the local treatment, the old time carron oil is preferred as

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affects the occipital r^on, or it may be even the distribution cl the

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as it is in the twenties, and highest of all in the

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riers of the disease or producers of the disease, he left open for

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lasted from start to finish about a period of six months, and main-

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pallida, and later Treponema pallidum. We shall keep the term Treponema

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On the last occasion I spoke with great hesitation, and I may

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John S. Nicholas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Zoology, Yale University (Summer,

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sequent on irritation of the genital organs, probably accounted for the

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tive productions shall be regarded with that indulgence, which should

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came on after a strain. She was treated for gastric dis

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a most valuable remedial agent in the treatment of glandular enlarge-

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bedding under her, and turn her from side to side three times a

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tion, a record of the liberality of that city, to the

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Vestnik, St. PetersI)., 1893, ix, 1033-1049.— Jeaniiel (M.)

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Park, and he thought the subjects discussed in the open-

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