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week to six months or more. In the case of candidates for the higher
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ataxia or as the so-called " intention tremor." This " tremor " was ap-
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.ZEtiology. — Tuberculosis of the leptomeninges is always a secondary affec-
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of a pin (the prick reflex), or stroking the skin hard with a blunt object,
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possible to decide which caused the apoplexy and hemiplegia. The follow-
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flexed passively, while the lower leg is at the same time kept extended, the
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7. Plantar flexion of the toes (Mm. flexores digitorum et hallucis longi et
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cephalitis, for in not a few cases infantile hemiplegia may he due to embolic
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motionless and limp. In the worst cases reflex action is wholly suspended ; but
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older persons, and it occurs only as a secondary new growth in cancer of other
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and Surgical courses of the current session in the Carmichael School."
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present no constant peculiarities. Often the}^ are of normal size. In other
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Histology, Comparative Anatomy and Chemistry. Here the candidate
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Henry John Phillips, M.D. St. Andrew's, ^^^ Kensington-
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portance^ whilst the non-medical man will derive much
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and Vienna (N. Weiss, Frankl-Hochwart) it is decidedly a common disease,
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tachycardia, etc.), while even small doses of the gland may aggravate the
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hemorrhage as the initial change, at least in certain cases, and to refer it to an
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