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yond the usual »time. An examination detected no remnant of
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sible for warmth and appearance's sake, and either to do away alto-
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hffimatin escapes, and after a time appears partly above, partly at the lower part of the vessel
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ologic condition present is concerned. As we have determined so
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introducing the disease to the knowledge of the practitioners of this
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of the opposite side. The greater frequency of simple phlegmasia
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engrafted portions grow by the proliferation of their own cells is likewise
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these cases present a honeycombed appearance from the excess of exuda-
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Violent temper is worse than petulance. It is absolutely danger-
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statement from the twenty-eight hospitals included in
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and covered with a good coat of soft, silky hair. The cow
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but with a spirit of candor and honesty ; a spirit of ardent de-
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widely from the tertiary affections of the nervous system, which are
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poisoned by a fungus he had eaten, he offered a portion of it
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1903 a.— Idem. [Reviewed by Hetsch] <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. [etc], Jena, 1.
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tional progress along mental health lines has not kept
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ed his resignation on account of physical disability, is honorably dlaehary-
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breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners, an hour apart, and at the
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isted alongside of a similar peculiarity in the vocal mechanism. I
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author gives is well done and in the right direction.
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those of ordinary practice in the table above. (See note accompanying
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she might have such chance as an operation might aff'ord. This was
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pillow. Yet when all these causes are taken into account, it is remarkable
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l)earance of the first symptom and the death of the
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Hedeoma Drummondii, Benth. Lab. Gen. and Sp. 368 (1834).
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tion in the number of cases of pneumonia. Our problem, therefore,
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sent there is a snmll broken-down gland at the inner aspect of