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it has been found particularly useful in the Budapest dental

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distinguish from tuberculous meningitis. Headache may be very severe,

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bidly irritable and quarrelsome, another may be ludicrously

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Dr. Albu, of Berlin, about two years ago made similar experiments and came

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wide, interlobular band, with cavities, and yellow, suppurative zones. Lung tissue

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j bone I have brought here this evening, you will notice it is not unlikely that

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came in here. We found the packing had not been properly done,

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knit or sew with any kind of comfort or convenience. Cold

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in which there is great multiplication of the infectious agents in the blood,

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enable every person attending the meeting to move about

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Fittings of the vessel, pens, hurdles, utensils, etc., which have been

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24f . " The age of marriage," he says, " being of prime importance,

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p. 137 ; and Feeding of Pigs, p. 132, should also be consulted.

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Medical Education, both in our State and National Associa-

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way to secure a permanent hemostasis, without endangering any

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secured from the excreta to food during its journey. There is

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the accident, the right eye was seriously failing also, however, and he

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ponderance are concerned. This prolongation of the Q-R-S interval in

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6. In order to attain those results, the dose should not be less than

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little over five per cent. He considered inguinal a vastly superior

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Two papers not wholly consonant were contributed by F. J. Smith

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it more probable that it had developed from the prickle cell layer. He

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and the representatives who took part in the Conference were

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meets, in her out-of-door exercises, deformed and loathsome people. Acci-

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beings," who have lived on earth in imperfect obedience' to the law ; ;(3),

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the results that Dr. Turrell has attained. I have read in several papers

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terminations at or near some of the solid structures of the body.

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propagate their kind in the same manner as the parent

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disinterred. No facilities for cremation are available.

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You perceive that Dr. Boudin's treatment does not consist in

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— Apropos of a paper read by M. Pasteur's prqnira-

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1 Boudin : Trait6 des Fifevres Intermittentes, llemittentes, et Continues

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co-ordination without paralysis as equally productive of inability to

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had a recurrence in 1911, but remained free from symptoms during 1912 and

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previously, under the very deplorable moral and hygienic conditions

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internal auditory canal. An A/T quotient of one or above