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Ten years ago electrolysis was chiefly practised for its destructive
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they take the clearest part of it, and dispose it into another Trench,
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may be difficult to prove. Dr. Lafleur, however, reports that the man
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tially the pneumonia of infancy, being much commoner at the
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given ; but until the time came for going into practice
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fused into the veins of an auimaK has been found to act on
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departments no less than for the one under their special care.
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the hypodermic use of strychnia, if need be; inhala-
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presence of numerous rales. In some instances the cough is unusually
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This peculiar arrangement of the vessels of the Schneiderian membrane
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followed social problems. Determination to carry out remedial
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of leucocytes in some of the cases. In some there was no increase
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thought to be acquired from small vessels that form in a
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It was cut so that its angle would fit the angle of the gibbosity.
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patients whose saturation dropped below 85 percent and
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with lice; and as soon as evening comes, and the birds
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placed in a 5$ solution of formalin for 12 hours their preserva-
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many people the combination of the fatigue of a railway journey
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to arife from the milk's not being well digged, may
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grouped the populations of the parishes we have just been dis-
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adopted their views, and so pained beyond expression
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injections, but believed that the benefit to be de-
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little evidence of nitrogen retention in the blood is to be expected,
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We do not know the life tenacity of the smallpox organism, and in the
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of the ovaries, in whose secure grasp it has been held
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the Prince's condition was highly satisfactory, there
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mination is not interfered with by the presence of colored substances
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he felt sure that any friendly sentiments conveyed to that Associa-
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believed, she had had fifteen in an hour. According to the attend-
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experiments, the following conclusion seemed justified: that meta-
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follow its action, but will subside in a few days, if one
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ion good, but lips approaching to a purple colour ; pulse 100,
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He doubted the correctness of the history, which put back the onset of this
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and fixation by splints seemed the indications. Four weeks later
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It would seem to be established, therefore, by tlie investigations of Abbott
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drops for adults every hour to every three hours. It is quite
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itself, and it becomes greatly increased by cooling.
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as clirabling stairs, caused very great dyspnoea. She has not
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practice opportunities and lifestyles found anywhere.
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of this city, were proposed as members of the Society. Dr.