she was giving her famous lecture on "Barks That Root and Roots That Bark
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praecipicenj refrenare, excitiire torpidam, errantem in
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Violent temper is worse than petulance. It is absolutely danger-
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The essayist did not believe there was such a disease as Cuban
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harmful when ingested by human beings. It is uncertain whether any of
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This latest edition of the great classical work of Dr. Bum-
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dency towards the development of a hostile attitude of mind,
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and firemen are constantly in danger from the explosion of lie
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Rienzo, John Salvatore. Clinical Associate Professor of
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of Philadelphia, treats of injuries of the perineum and
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Mohamed S. Al-Ibrahim, MD, Associate Dean, Veterans Administration
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dissolved in warm water, 3 lbs. of rice boiled and ground
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feit resemblance, and stepped onward toward the supposed
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ing in the second line, after the word " cattle," the words " sheep and swine," and
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used subcutaneously should be well diluted with saline solution
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cise than usual. After twenty-four hours plaques appeared.
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three ounces of water, is an excellent remedy in allaying
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the fluid passes from the bowel into the peritoneal cavity, accom-
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changes consist of congestion, hemorrhage, cellular infiltration, degeneration
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latter especially. The very temperate opiate course which has fol-
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and let her decide whether or not she wishes him, even at the
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their history and examination form to carry with them
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He has labored on with that same industry and care, and
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226. On the Diagnosis of Extra-Uterine Pregnancy. Mr. Law son Tait ^ Y 219
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cure progresses, to touch only such points as show disease and to avoid any
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cult to fetch a long breath, troublesome running and sniffling of
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For the week ending April TiA\, in BomIod, accordiDK to ob
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Cambridge, some distance on the other side of the river from
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Just as in our experience of typhoid and paratyphoid fever, we
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bichloride solution. With the thumb of the left hand make
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found post-mortem in the cervical sympathetic and its ganglia,
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The President appointed to this committee, Dr. William R.
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I have had these lists carefully copied, and in each county have
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positive, and this type of reaction has necessarily been designated as