Morbid anatomy. — Nothing certain is known as to the pathology

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horfe,^and makes him rejeft it as fafl as it goes in ;

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often appears to be induced by irritating articles of diet. It is obvious that

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teenth of a grain (^g) has caused death in a few minutes. In the body,

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may occur when the stomach contains food. Hunger occurs when there

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of illness may be eaten with impunity immediately after death, but if kept

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variable, and it may be months before the patient can resume an ordinary

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the paralysis of a large section of the bowel. In one such case the

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poisons, ulcer and malignant diseases of the stomach, and hepatic

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commencing with small doses, so as not to throw at one time too much of

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Little can be done in the way of checking or influencing the disease when

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the pulp of one of the buboes on a slide, fixing with alcohol or heat,

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particularly in cases of intoxication with morphine, the hypnotics and

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so much better than those of other surgeons tliat lie was regarded

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being exempt. The most susceptible age is from 40 to 50. It de-

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most common causes are the extension into the vein of a nodule of

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in cases of pyloric stenosis. In cases where there is diffuse infiltration

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now and then, for a fortnight, or longer, a feed of

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Thus very different horfes are iifed for travelling,

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at the same time to enlargement of the liver, vomiting, diarrhoea, ascites,

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for a knowledge of the histogenesis of tubercle. He has shown that the

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death may be hastened by the onset of peritonitis, due to the rupture of a

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cases under my own care, I have seen only temporary if any relief from

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majority of cases it is so, but in exceptional cases such sounds may depend

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ftead of a fleam, a lancet may be ufed, refl:ing the

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given by the mouth, generally in association with injections. Those who

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History. — Syphilis has probably existed in its present form from the

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be easily recognized if the patient is examined as described below.