cussion before the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society,
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used as the sole form of therapy because there will be
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accompanied by marked nervous and gastro-intestinal symptoms, prostration
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If it is preferred you can have the articles all ground
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diverticulum removed and the abdominal inguinal ring
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vaccine cycle but not for the smallpox cycle. The virus growing in these
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group, 17 per cent, in the second, in both cases considerably below
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4. A pamphlet should be ready tof) for the men who will file through
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lead to difficulties in diagnosis. A history of cancerous growth elsewhere
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sit with the objects before him, and note and methodise the
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presenting a star like pattern, which has led them to be com'
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first silver suture should be placed at the junction of the hard
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the two patients are very similar, but that the attack in each was
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stuporous sleep of about an hour would follow, after w^hich full con-
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M'Ewan Hall, and confer the Honorary Fellowship upon a number
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many cases ; this is especially true of the very acute forms attended
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funds from sources outside the State appropriated budget for the support
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On the 29th Feb., a subcutaneous incision near Poupart's liga-
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At the autopsy, small eechymotic spots were observed on the
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to sixth day shows a central opaque dot. They gradually invade
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though in some bad cases the ligament of the hock be-
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is improperly burned by the diabetic, and ketones and their acids ac-
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accompaniment as was formerly supposed, and in his opinion its pre-
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Drainage. — The old dictum, "When in doubt, drain," does not
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described as present in the spinal cord were not characteristic of the disease.
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which bound the tumor to every portion of the abdominal cavifr.
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soon profound adynamia. There is involvement usually of
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stomach has sometimes been called the stomach bladder. In the upright
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much more slowly absorbed than aspirin, which is shown by the com-
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Condition. — The general symptoms are very marked; the
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10. The connective tissue cells in the circumnodular area are very
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gave him great relief, and the operation was attended by no