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artists who know how to reach the child's miiid, be made inter-

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or associated with, the presence of some specific parasite, or that

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Royal Infirmary. Third edition re-written and enlarged. Lon-

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evaluation of different antero-lateral approaches to the hip joint in

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case of procidentia. Numbers of veins are seen on the surface, varying

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itself, which may be either a micro-organism, or a chemical substance the

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ounces ; alcohol, two ounces. Rub on the affected parts ;

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As you have seen, this bandage can be improvised. A strong

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without any means being found sufficient to arrest its progress.

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^ Similar A^iews have been expressed by G. Reinbach, Mitt. a. d. Grenzgeb. d,

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grass in Europe, are both poisonous to cattle. In Mongolia

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pneumococcus infections would obviously have saved many lives to the

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with the posterior third, of the organism. It then divides into two

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of Ferrari, only 53 by the method of Bassini, slightly

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Other newly elected officers are : Mrs. David Halpern,

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(/) Immediate active mobilization appears to be an indis-

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living to-day. I do not believe your purgative or opium plan of treat-

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body should happen to be lying within reach by the wound of

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course of treatment, both local and constitutional,

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had reached. More than an inch of the external surface

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liminary experiments, the spores are completely destroyed.

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enough to produce a slight lymphangitis, but not sufficiently

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'ated, keeps the Syringes automatically asceptlc without boll-

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riments that thofe conceptions which are called falfe,

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to the sitting posture it is found that the knees are

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then on the chest and shoulders, then over the back and extremities. The

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present in relation to arsenic is due in great part to

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stimulated an experiment which can be performed in such animals

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Dr. R. H. Gunning, of Edinburg, tells us that it is enough to

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mineralen, volgens het samenstel van den Heer Linnaeus. 1. Deel, 12. St., 3

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the prescriber, the books of the apothecary, which were sent for and ex-

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with a dry, crusted tongue, accompanied by diarrhcBa and pro-

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lost thirty-five pounds in weight. Lavage of the stomach always afforded

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punishable as provided in Chapter II, Title XV, Part I, of the penal code.

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which is nearer the surface, and is therefore lacking in

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more than 70 K cal/kg/day, the infusion of nitrogen provid-

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it is desirable to avoid even the possibility of the examining finger carry-

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after-treatment of lesions produced by freezing, the

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That dimmed not in his mortal life's calm close. —

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tubes thus inoculated are to be at once forwarded to the

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principal precautions with reference to sea-bathing are

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ference in temperature plus the self-cooling of the calorimeter (because some heat is lost to the

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of the wall against which it is hung. It registers the same whether

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by August 17, but the crop did not mature and was pro-

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where a corn knife or hoe can be used with good effect

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and views of others, the fruits, perhaps, of a life of practical and

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surrounding plasma or interstitial fluid. As already men-

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Secretaries — Dr. Irwin, Kingston ; Dr. Harris, Brantford ; Dr.

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is certain that it was rare, if it existed at all. It is equally