septic properties. But he considers that it has a special action upon neo-
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diagnosis of inversion of the uterus. She was a union
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which large amounts of alkali have been fed, has been considered by many
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by reason of the analogy in composition which this substance offers to iodide
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gives the following relation [Psychological and Medico-Legal Journal, Oct.
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thsemia blood plates may be absent and in lymphatic leucocythae-
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Treatment is still being continued, and improvement in muscular
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especially marks him for servitude, or renders impossible a certain de-
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tTH^asures previously mentioned are to be resorted to in order that recurring
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thiazides. Sore throat, fever, pallor or jaundice may be
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ing chapters — that on Amount of Study and that on
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herent to the pia mater along each side of the lon-
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of the skin have been found. The' thyroid has been found
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as bathing the feet, the vapor bath, stimulating and
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palates, and rotten bones, occasioned by the mercury, than by
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me by requesting me to present a paper before your Society, I am
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colored; also complained of pain in the the urine and a marked change will be
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Treutlein has stated that the parasite is to be also found in red
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Superficial and deep reflexes in legs and arms were absent.
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vicinity of the pyramids. Just at that region there is a yellowish
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conducting the second inoculation ; and thus (he says), we may go on until the pro-
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dividuals did not especially mend until the mental treat-
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pp. 82, 51.) I would remark that the active principle of the rattlesnake-
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change is often met with in actual practice and has been the cause of many
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mechanical fashion from sick to sound, but — as has
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J/i'. XV. Yenfs, J/./?.— Your paper has been received, and shall appear
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knowledge of the subject. But little of the literature has been available to me
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cervical nodes. The following questions then arise: Do Uicse
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Malaria and Miasmata, Dr. T. H. Barker on, rev., 592
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his senior colleague. Dr. Hubert Roberts. The latter was a hopeless case in
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they contain a surprising number of tissues. I believe I am
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months later in December 1988, the hospital had not only
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seems uureasonabi'.'. Arc tu>ji\j nu bLiek sheep am^ng general Practi-
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when the disease has reached the eruptive form, and during
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the spine ; general health excellent ; cure complete."
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an already existent oedema ; and the disposition of the lamina cribrosa and