Sir H. Chapters on Mental Physiology, 1858. — 19. Howell, W. H. Journal of

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Gelpke believes that osteomalacia is the result of an excessive

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not react to light or the ankle- jerks may be unobtainable, and

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You can assure your loved ones and yourself financial security tomorrow

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pearl prepared half a dram ; red coral and ivory each a dram ;

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voted to this work seems indicated. In general hos-

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All these changes were well shown in my first case al-

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gnosis. Laennec had but iust passed off the stage, after

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Your correspondent, who found nothing to meet his ap-

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Recently, Dr. K. Dusing has studied the factors deciding the

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irritated the depending part of a lumbar abscess by the moxa,

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which can only be understood by those who have had to endure it for

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to be very markedly below the average when compared with that

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group ; because the existence of the ulcer is often extremely doubtful,

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this cause, we do not refer to the feeling of mother for child, for it

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The method of investigation described in the previous paper has

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who, having fully satisfied himself as to the fact of such sanity, shall forthwith

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dans le cone d'attraction, la substance membranogene du sperma-

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Eussian frontier, and, after considerable trouble, tlie Baron' was per-

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serum globulin. (Hofmann's Uiweiss quotient.') Dr. Macguire

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for promotion, and from those thus recommended, acting

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museum, and in the sections of anatomy, physiology,

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read with interest. The work ends with a classified index of

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all the operations of nature in the work of generation, and

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uals of both? Atticus was on terms of friendship with both Caesar

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lower animals in the same manner as upon man. Stated in its

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between them. The immediate effect was softening of

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It contains all the nutritive and stimulant substanes of the meat in a condition easily assimi-

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caused great pain of a lancinating character, especially

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general and particular. There is a somewhat trite saying current

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about the accident. He continued to perform actively the duties of sergeant,

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small and depressed. The reddening on the third day

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resorted to it in many cases without a single fatal

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and the larger the pile of rags grew the hemorrhage increased

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may also be denominated grassy plains. The grasses on