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ease Intestinal hemorrhage in typhoid fever is due to the ulceration of the

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than 90 per cent, of the volunteer troops affected at

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epilepsy which can be obtained from the patient himself, and these

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lest the outer opening should have closed too quickly.

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and, while cooling a piece of red-hot iron in water, allowed him-

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coccus. This was Streptococcus 'pyogenes, which existed as a persistent

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the profession an interesting report of medical results for

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case has been observed at New Orleans, in ' some days' treatment the opacity was to a

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will change the most violent and dangerous form of acute per-

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to it as a " foul disease," and one for which the parent is morally respon-

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tLroughout ; posterior to the nipple line there was thick yellow puro-lymph

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terminology and ideas of the average man are seldom

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of the globe, climbing in consequence on the inner crust of the earth,

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The patient, a 23-year-old man, presented initially in

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being afraid to keep appointments for fear of disclosure.

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blood-pressure is thus raised and the blood is driven to the heart,

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instilled into the eye would stain the minutest points of corneal

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67. Schmeisser, H. C. Spontaneous and experimental leukemia of the

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Nucis Vomiccu Extractum (Extract of Nux Vomica). Used as a

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• Effective alone or in combination with beta blockers

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on the comparative aspects of the subject has clearly shown that this

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the contracting process once begun in the kidneys. The liver is

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Mevnet, a Parisian pharmacist, is said to have pro-

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Hughlings Jackson (39), and Gairdner, seemed to consider that the

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ally diluted ; preferably both should be dispensed with.

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clinician, they should be sharply differentiated in our consideration

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Uh August. — The patient has not yet been seen professionally, but

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that is, in moderate quantity, mixed with farinaceous

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diMniMlons etc pendant rannee 186& 8yo. Paris, 1864. &<4tf, $1.00.

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Treatment. — The professional man treats the disease according

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complained that he has too much time. As matters stand at present,

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a hyperacidity and a hyperchlorhydria. There was no blood in the gastric

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l!2th Ajyvil. — The right hand is now quite healed, with

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